Norge EP - 2022

Steve Savage - Norge EP

„Like all three of these songs, the opening song of the EP „Norge“ was recorded while on board an ocean liner along the Norwegian coast. That’s where the EP also get’s in name „Norge“… Norway in the Norwegian language. ‚I Dive In‘ really shows Steve’s pop sensibilities while keeping it completely authentic to his unique style. Guitar, vocal and a tad bit of uke is all the seasoning needed to make this song a definite standout.“

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Also on Spotify: Norge
I Dive In
Pretty Girl
I Still Love You Today

If you love someone - 2020

„The sound of „If you love someone“ is a beautiful marriage of handmade artistry with today’s modern sound.“

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If you love someone

Also on Spotify: If you love someone
Don't Forget
So Long
You Belong To The Devine
Sometimes Love
Angel By My Side
If You Love Someone
Better View
You're Coming Back To Me
Keep Quiet
Head Up

Goodbye, winter - 2017

His latest release, Savage set out to make a simple album. A return to a traditional band set up with songs of hope for the coming spring season of life. Intent on leaving the winter behind this album gives you those good vibe feels. It’s released under Helskinki South Records (HSR).

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Goodbye, Winter

Also on Spotify: Goodbye Winter
Someone to hold
Feeling The Low
Sing me
Hope To Come
Thought That I Had Found You
Don't Look Back
Go Home

Young Isaac - 2014

Released in 2014, Young Isaac took years to see the light of day. It was mostly recorded in Nashville before Savage moved to Europe in 2010. It would be four long years of struggle before it would finally reach our ears. Now we are enjoying the smooth sounds of this albums.

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Young Isaac

Also on Spotify: Young Isaac
Wants to be free
Warmth of your love
Lucky One
Ain't that just the way
Strong enough
If you
Soul Search
I would do anything

Dance Of The Kingdom - 2014

Live For You
Glory Of The Lord
Hard To Believe
To Be With You

Savage - 2010

This 2010 Release was brought rave reviews and was signed to the Dutch label Dying Giraffe Records. It highlights Savage’s ability to connect everyday life situations with the emotion filled melody.

Hurts To Let You Go
La La
That's Love
Down The Road
All Of Me
See You Again
Little Black Car

Forward - 2008

Released in 2008, Forward was Savage’s breakout album. It opened the door to more touring in Europe and solidified his place as a creative artist. This is known to be Savage’s most eclectic group of songs.

Also on Spotify: Forward

So So Serious
Until We Meet Again
Already Know